Road code test study tips

So it’s finally time for you to sit your road code test. You’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time – but now you actually have to make it happen and pass! Here are some study tips to help you learn the road code so you can pass your learner’s test.

Get your own copy of the official NZ road code

There’s something about a paper copy to drag around in your bag and flick through when you have a moment – it’s just a bit easier to use. You can get copies from bookshops and there’s also often cheap copies on Trademe. If you don’t get your own paper copy then head to the NZTA site as the whole thing is available online there too.

Use our free road code test

Test yourself online using our free practice learner’s test, and there are others out there as well.

Get help from your friends and family

No doubt some of your mates are also studying for their learner’s test as well. So why not get together for a study group and help each other out?

Take notes and rewrite things in your own words

Write the tricky bits down in your own words – on paper or on flash cards. This will force you to understand them completely because the act of putting things into your own words can really help to cement them in your mind. And if it doesn’t work once, then rewrite them again, and again, and again…

Create jingles to remember tricky bits

You’ve probably heard “Top of the T goes before me” which is the handy little jingle that the person travelling up the mast of the T can say when they are at a T junction. Or perhaps “Only a fool breaks the two second rule.” These sorts of things will stick in your mind and make it easier to remember important key points.

Look for examples in the real world

When you’re out and about or on the bus, keep looking around at the traffic around you. See if you can get it right as to who gives way at each intersection, what all the signs mean and what the speed limit is in the area. If you’re turning left at an uncontrolled intersection, who gives way? Thinking about the answers to real world situations will most likely help you cement your road code theory in your mind.

We hope these study tips have been helpful – little and often is the best bet, study everyday – and good luck for your learner’s test!