Car maintenance tips

New drivers are often so excited about the freedom they get with their license that they neglect or have no idea about maintaining their vehicle. To stay safe out on the road you really have to maintain your vehicle properly. Here are a few quick car maintenance tips for new drivers.

1. Get your car serviced regularly

If you’ve never changed your oil and filter before then pay for an expert to do it for you. You can learn from watching Youtube videos but they obviously aren’t able to help you if it doesn’t go quite according to plan. And if you can’t get the replacement filter on, then you can’t use your car. But whether you learn to do it yourself, or get a garage to do it, it’s an essential basic of car maintenance. Even if you have an older car, regular servicing is still a good idea.

2. Make sure there’s always water to clean your windshield

If you can’t see through your windshield properly then you’re asking for trouble. Keeping enough fluid in place is an essential really. If you’ve not filled it up before then have a read of your car’s manual so you can make sure you’re filling up the correct thing. But these days they’re normally pretty obvious and accessible so don’t be afraid to pop the hood and have a hunt around for it.

3. Check your tyre pressure

Car tyres have a recommended pressure range they should be inflated to. If your tyres are under-inflated then this will increase the amount of fuel you consume as your car will have to work harder to drive you along the road. Regularly checking and topping up the pressure level of your tyres will help both reduce fuel consumption, and also lengthen the life of your tyres.

3. Clean your car

Keeping the exterior of your car clean will improve how well it stands the test of time. And it’s not just a matter of a quick wash, a wax is a really good idea too. These days automatic car washes do a pretty good job and so they do the trick just fine. But if you’re after a really good job, then you’ll have to do it yourself by hand. And keeping the inside clean is important for maintaining the resale value. Getting some mats in place is a cheap way to help keep things looking good.

4. A stitch in time saves nine

As the old saying suggests, it’s best to get on to problems as early. For example a small spot of rust won’t be too costly to fix. But if you leave it unattended it can spread and become a really expensive problem. The same is true of most automotive problems, so if you notice something’s not quite right, get it looked at pronto.

5. Drive smoothly

Constant, unnecessary speeding up and slowing down and rapid acceleration will age your car more than smooth driving. But even more importantly, putting “the pedal to the metal” as they say, will have your car guzzling way more petrol than it would do with a smooth driver behind the wheel. And your passengers will definitely prefer a smoother ride!

This is just the beginning…

The above are a just the tip of the iceberg. A car can be a really expensive thing – sometimes referred to as a hole into which you throw money – but even just learning a small amount about how to maintain your vehicle can really save you money in the long run.

Happy motoring!